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About Us:


Morning fishing tripWelcome to the Lake Life. This site celebrates enjoying life on the lake. Whether its canoeing or kayaking on a peaceful mountain lake, or rafting up with other party boaters we share your enthusiasm for the lake life. From fishing to snorkeling to stand-up paddle-boarding and kite surfing nothing beats the lake for sheer enjoyment. And at days-end, what could close out the day better than a quiet fire on the beach? This is what the lake life is all about.


So, put on your flip-flops, roll up the cuff of your pants and wade into the lake life…



About 11-11 Unlimited


beach fire

The Lake Life (The-Lake-Life.com) is a part of 11-11 Unlimited, LLC., an internet publishing company, owned by Tom McHugh and Kathleen Longe. We are fortunate to live on the lake and enjoy our big backyard.


We are affiliate marketers for several companies, and if you click on a link or purchase a product within our site(s), we may receive a commission for that action. This does not increase the price that you are charged, nor change the service that you receive; it is simply a reward from the supplier to us for sharing their information (see our Disclosure Policy).


We truly appreciate it when you take these actions,since it helps to cover operational costs.





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