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The Lake Life Dive ShopOkay, you won’t see the variety of colors in the fish that you’d see in Hawai’i, and the visibility and water temperature might not be as inviting as the Caribbean, but diving and snorkeling in lakes has a lot to offer.

It’s another world below the surface- one of  which we are often unaware and take for granted. A look at the accumulated junk on the lake bottom that has been grabbed by an angry lake during a storm or jettisoned from someone’s boat will create a new appreciation for caring and nurturing the lake… even what’s hidden below the surface.

Why Dive the Lake

Here are some of the features of lake diving

  • Fish- This is fun and interesting on its own, but if you enjoy fishing, here’s a great way to increase your understanding of your elusive quarry. Learn more about the habits of our finned friends.
  • Exercise- Swimming, snorkeling and diving all provide great exercise. Make sure that you’re healthy enough for diving, and practice safety at all times.
  • Historic Sites- Not all lakes have been the sites of historic battles or have wrecks, but many interesting discoveries can be made below the surface. If you are snorkeling or, more likely, diving on a site of historic significance, don’t disturb anything. Leave it as you found it so that others may also enjoy it. In many locations it is illegal to even touch artifacts, so be extra careful.

Diving Suggestions

  •  The Lake Life Dive Shop

    Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary

    Make sure your experience and skills will allow you to make the dive safelyWhen in doubt, do not make the dive.

  • Monitor your depth and bottom time. Include a safety stop as part of your dive.
  • Lakes can contain cold fresh water. Divers need to be familiar with the challenging environmental conditions of the lake including cold temperatures and dark conditions. Watch your thermal comfort.
  • Monitor your air. It is recommended that you exit the water with a minimum of 500 psi.
  • Always build in a safety margin. Caution and good diving practices should prevail at all times.
  • Divers should fly a “Divers Down” flag from their boat for the duration of the dive.

the Lake Life Dive ShopDivers should recognize that diving is an inherently dangerous activity, and each diver must assess all conditions and use their best judgment in planning and executing the dive.

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