Docks & Moorings: Your Access Points To The Lake

docks & moorings

Docks & Moorings

A dock puts you more in contact with the lake. It offers easy access to the lake for boating or swimming, a means of boarding your boat without getting wet, and is an ideal platform for fishing and watching the sunset over the lake. What are the different types of docks and which is best for your lake type? 

Mooring is the securing of your watercraft to a fixed object on the lake bed or to a floating object such as an anchor buoy which is attached to the lake bed by an anchor line or rode. What are the components of a mooring system, and how can you set one up?


Here are a number of articles that deal with:

  • the different types of docks & moorings and the best application for each type.
  • docks & moorings care and maintenance.
  • docks & moorings building and set up
  • solar dock lights
  • the components of a mooring system
  • best mooring buoys
  • lake mooring tips


Articles About Docks:  
The Dock Manual: Designing/Building/Maintaining
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Articles About Solar Dock Lights: 

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Articles About Moorings: 







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