Garden Wind Chimes

Lovely Sounds From Garden Wind Chimes

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If you are a gardener and love the sound of chimes, garden wind chimes may be perfect for you. Or, if you like to sit outside to look at your beautiful flowers and plants, garden wind chimes may be the missing link to your total relaxation. Garden chimes are a wonderful accessory for the outdoors, and they promise to be a soothing musical interlude for your garden and lawn labors.

What Types of Wind Chimes to Use?

Although any wind chime can be used in the garden, it is recommended that garden chimes are made from more durable products; bamboo wind chimes, copper, pewter and brass wind chimes work best, in case of storms or bad weather. It is also recommended that you bring your garden wind chime inside when expecting a storm or if you are leaving on vacation.

You can turn any creatively-designed chimes into a garden wind chime, including angels, frogs, hummingbirds, cats, cardinals, butterflies, ladybugs… whatever suits your style.  Basic wind chimes also sounds just as beautiful!


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Hanging Wind Chimes


To hang garden chimes, mount a hook from a nearby tree. There are special stained glass hooks available (See Wind Chimes Hooks Here). One style will hook over a tree branch. Another style that works well hangs vertically and has a metal hook on the top for tying a string around it and the tree branch, and the bottom has another hook to hang the garden wind chimes from. If you don’t have a nearby tree, use a potting shed or another building to use a regular wind chime hanger.


Garden wind chimes make an enjoyable, relaxing, easy-to-install and fulfilling accessory for your garden. Try one for yourself!

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