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Adirondack Furniture Buying Guide

Adirondack Furniture

adirondack furniture - adirondack chair azWhen decorating your lakeside living area, Adirondack furniture can be a great choice. Adirondack furniture is a versatile option – suitable for porch, patio, sun room or poolside.

Originating in the early 20th century in the resorts of New York’s Adirondack mountains, Adirondack chairs are relaxed, rusticly attractive and are perfect for relaxing by the lake. After being ‘discovered’ by visitors to the cabins and lodges found in the Adirondack Mountain region Adirondack chairs became wildly popular and have come to represent relaxation and rest in any environment. The Adirondack spirit soon showed itself in other pieces of Adirondack furniture as well.

There are many types of Adirondack furniture to choose from: Adirondack tables, Adirondack ottomans, Adirondack chairs and more. Each durable piece will provide years of comfortable enjoyment.


Adirondack Furniture Materials

Traditional Adirondack furniture is constructed of either cedar or pine, although some of the upscale manufacturers do build teak and cypress Adirondack furniture. Lately,  Adirondack furniture made from recycled plastic has become very popular because it is easy to maintain, looks like wood, and is extremely durable. Additionally, plastic Adirondack furniture is an environmentally conscious choice since a single Adirondack chair keeps about 500 recyclable milk jugs out of the landfill. Wooden Adirondack furniture can still be enjoyed in beautiful choices of teak, cedar, cypress and pine.

Adirondack furniture is available in a variety of types, including the following pieces.

Adirondack Chair

adirondack chair

Adirondack chairs are the oldest and best-known piece of Adirondack furniture. The Adirondack chair provides comfortable relaxation at many outdoor recreational areas across the country. They offer a comfortable seating angle, and feature wide arms to rest your plate, glass, or book.

Adirondack Table

adirondack table

Available in customary wood styles, as well as various hand painted styles, accent Adirondack tables complete an Adirondack furniture set. Adirondack tables also provide a secure and stylish location for your favorite novel and a cool drink.

Adirondack Footstool

adirondack footstool

Adirondack footstools can make your leisure time even more relaxing and enjoyable. Adirondack ottomans allow you to fully stretch out your legs and relax. With their handsome and matchless style Adirondack ottomans are also the perfect compliment to any wooden Adirondack chair .

Adirondack Rocker and Adirondack Glider

adirondack glider

Adirondack patio furniture featuring motion is perfect for sleepy afternoons. These attractive pieces will bring simple sophistication to any outdoor setting, and as a bonus…you can share it with someone special!

Adirondack furniture provides unlimited possibilities. Using Adirondack patio furniture lakeside, or on your porch or patio will enhance any lake lifestyle.

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