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Adirondack Furniture Buying Guide

Adirondack Furniture

adirondack furniture - adirondack chair azWhen decorating your lakeside living area, Adirondack furniture can be a great choice. Adirondack furniture is a versatile option – suitable for porch, patio, sun room or poolside.

Originating in the early 20th century in the resorts of New York’s Adirondack mountains, Adirondack chairs are relaxed, rusticly attractive and are perfect for relaxing by the lake. After being ‘discovered’ by visitors to the cabins and lodges found in the Adirondack Mountain region Adirondack chairs became wildly popular and have come to represent relaxation and rest in any environment. The Adirondack spirit soon showed itself in other pieces of Adirondack furniture as well.

There are many types of Adirondack furniture to choose from: Adirondack tables, Adirondack ottomans, Adirondack chairs and more. Each durable piece will provide years of comfortable enjoyment.


Adirondack Furniture Materials

Traditional Adirondack furniture is constructed of either cedar or pine, although some of the upscale manufacturers do build teak and cypress Adirondack furniture. Lately,  Adirondack furniture made from recycled plastic has become very popular because it is easy to maintain, looks like wood, and is extremely durable. Additionally, plastic Adirondack furniture is an environmentally conscious choice since a single Adirondack chair keeps about 500 recyclable milk jugs out of the landfill. Wooden Adirondack furniture can still be enjoyed in beautiful choices of teak, cedar, cypress and pine.

Adirondack furniture is available in a variety of types, including the following pieces.

Adirondack Chair

adirondack chair

Adirondack chairs are the oldest and best-known piece of Adirondack furniture. The Adirondack chair provides comfortable relaxation at many outdoor recreational areas across the country. They offer a comfortable seating angle, and feature wide arms to rest your plate, glass, or book.

Adirondack Table

adirondack table

Available in customary wood styles, as well as various hand painted styles, accent Adirondack tables complete an Adirondack furniture set. Adirondack tables also provide a secure and stylish location for your favorite novel and a cool drink.

Adirondack Footstool

adirondack footstool

Adirondack footstools can make your leisure time even more relaxing and enjoyable. Adirondack ottomans allow you to fully stretch out your legs and relax. With their handsome and matchless style Adirondack ottomans are also the perfect compliment to any wooden Adirondack chair .

Adirondack Rocker and Adirondack Glider

adirondack glider

Adirondack patio furniture featuring motion is perfect for sleepy afternoons. These attractive pieces will bring simple sophistication to any outdoor setting, and as a bonus…you can share it with someone special!

Adirondack furniture provides unlimited possibilities. Using Adirondack patio furniture lakeside, or on your porch or patio will enhance any lake lifestyle.

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The Butterfly Chair: Comfortable and Stylish

Discover the beauty and comfort of the butterfly chair

 Butterfly Chair,   beach chairWhether you want a butterfly chair for your porch or for your living room, once you get one, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one. Like a sling or a hammock, these chairs seem to instantly transport you to a world of pure relaxation.

Butterfly chair design

Usually constructed with a wooden or metal frame, butterfly chairs have a single piece of fabric draped over the frame – making for a cozy but simple seat. Because of their simple construction, butterfly chairs don’t offer rigid support and seem to invite the sitter to relax his or her posture into the chair.

Origin of the butterfly chair

Children's butterfly chair, children's beach chairFirst developed in 1938 by an Argentinean named Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy. It took twenty years for the butterfly chair to gain its popularity. With more focus on form than on function, the butterfly chair quickly became championed as an example of the modernistic design of the era.

Although butterfly chairs are usually found outdoors: on a deck or porch or at the beach, they can be used  indoors to create a modern and simple look. If you do choose to use one of these chair inside, keep in mind how it will be used.

kid's butterfly chair, kid's beach chair

Because of their unique design, butterfly chairs have a distinct advantages in the sense of relaxation they seem to create instantly. These chairs are an ideal way to enjoy a long, summer day or unwind on the porch in much the same way as a hammock.

Children’s butterfly chairs

Kids seem to love the butterfly chair and there are some great chair designs created with kids in mind. A couple of these designs are featured on the images with this article. It’s easy to see why these chairs, especially in these fun designs are such a hit with children.


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Who’s Using the Chair?

While butterfly chairs are extremely comfortable for most people, they are not for everyone for many of the same reasons mentioned above. It’s important to carefully consider how you’ll use the chair and who the people are who will be likely use it.

Think about who will be using the chair. Heavier people, the elderly, or those who aren’t very limber, may not enjoy these chairs. Getting in and out of a butterfly chair might be challenging and uncomfortable for some of these people.


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Hammocks Provide Unique Gift of Relaxation

Hammocks provide gift of relaxation

Hammocks provide gift of relaxation

To give a hammock is to give someone the ultimate gift of relaxation and comfort. Almost anyone would love to receive a hammock for a gift. If you have a special someone who enjoys or needs to get away from it all, a hammock is just the gift! Taking time out to relax and rest is important, especially in this busy world we live in. A hammock is the perfect place to take time out for yourself.


The first thing you’ll want to do is choose the type of hammock you think your recipient would like. Hammocks come in a variety of styles and fabrics. Rope, fabric, and string hammocks are three of the most popular styles.


Rope hammocks

The rope hammock is usually what people picture when they hear the word “hammock”. These hammocks are made of a polypropylene mix or cotton. They can be hung on a frame or between two trees. These hammocks are known for their durability. The important thing to note is that the smaller the space between the ropes, the more comfortable the hammock will be. Be aware that a rope hammock will leave a waffle pattern on the body and it won’t mold to your body as some other hammock styles do.


Fabric hammocks

Fabric hammocks have been around for centuries. They are still hand woven in many countries today by skilled craftsmen. Fabric hammocks are available in two varieties, those with spreader bars and those without. Hammocks with spreader bars do not conform and mold to the body like those without spreader bars. Fabric hammocks offer very little ventilation due to their close weave. You will find some fabric hammocks available that are made of synthetic fabrics. The synthetic fabric will draw the moisture away from the body.


String hammocks

Hammocks Provide Gift of Relaxation

Rope Hammock

String hammocks can be traced back to over 1,000 years ago. This style of hammock is also referred to as the Mayan hammock. They are woven in a web-like design to envelop your body. String hammocks have great ventilation. Some say they are the most comfortable hammock you can buy.




After selecting the type of hammock you want to give your special someone, you’re ready to make the purchase. The hammock is a unique gift that will give your recipient the gift of relaxation and luxury. After looking at hammocks for your special someone you may decide you want one for yourself!

Children’s Beach Chairs Can Go Anywhere With Your Kids

Children’s Beach Chairs

Kid's Beach Chair and Children's Beach Chairs

Kids love to have their own things, and children’s beach chairs can offer your child their very own piece of lakeside relaxation! Lakeside, fireside, or just on the playground, children’s beach chairs can go anywhere your child wants.


Beach Chairs Made for Kids

The durable frames of children’s beach chairs are typically made of rust-proof aluminum and are sturdy enough for children up to 75 pounds. Because the typical children’s beach chair weighs about three pounds, your child will be able to carry it without any problems. With your child sharing the work, your own load will be that much lighter.

These chairs are ‘kid-sized’ so they’re safer for your child to sit in. Your little one won’t have to climb up to get into the chair, which might result in a weight imbalance, and possibly a fall.


Variety of Options

Children’s beach chairs come in different colorful fun prints that kids love, and feature weather resistant seating material that is rugged and will last for many seasons of trips to the beach or ballpark.

With different colors and styles to choose from in these children’s beach chairs, you can let your kids pick out their favorite style of kid’s beach chair. In fact, choosing their very own beach chair can be almost as much fun as enjoyingit at the beach or while camping.


Children’s Beach Chairs Offer Protection from The Sun



Children's Beach Chairs with Umbrella and kid's beach chairsKid's beach chair with canopy ( Children's Beach Chairs )

Sunny days by the lake are fun and memorable, but don’t let your child get too much sun. The damaging effects of UV radiation from too much exposure to sunlight is well documented.

Protect your child from over-exposure to the sun with children’s beach chairs with umbrellas or canopies. Many of these children’s beach chairs come with adjustable umbrellas that can block the sun’s rays from different angles.

Even with a built-in umbrella these children’s beach chairs are still very light, and can be folded up into a strapped pouch to sling over your child’s shoulders – like a backpack. At home, these chairs can fold flat for easy storage.




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Folding Beach Chairs: Lightweight, Durable & Portable


Going to the beach should be relaxing, not a grueling expedition. Keep the plan simple with a convenient folding beach chair.


Folding Beach Chairs Are Lakeside Essentials

Lightweight, durable, and portable, folding beach chairs are definitely on the list of lakeside necessities. Typically constructed of sturdy aluminum or steel, your folding beach chair can have weight capacities of up to 300 pounds. The seating material on a folding beach chair is weather resistant. Securely attached to the frame, it is made for use season after season.

Take a seat

Great folding beach chairs comes available in a number of different styles. Which model is right for you depends on your preferences. Clicking on the different categories below will show a variety of options so that you can choose the style that’s right for you.



Folding Beach ChairsFolding Beach Chaise Lounge

Recline in a chaise lounge and you will not want to stand up again. Adjust these relaxing folding beach chairs to the position you want.(Click to View Styles)

Web Folding Beach Chairs

Plaid patters for a classic style, webbed chairs are also an inexpensive way to put extra seating in your backyard.(Click to View Styles)

Sling Folding Beach Chairs

Made to recline in two comfortable positions, sling chairs are also great accents to your deck or poolside. Weather resistant fabric ensures durable usage for many seasons.(Click to View Styles)

Sand Folding Beach Chairs

Whether you are reading or sunbathing, your location is flexible with these versatile folding beach chairs.(Click to View Styles)

Backpack Beach Chairs

Keep your hands free with these folding beach chairs! Adjustable straps and flat design makes this design comfortable and convenient to carry. Some models come with attached coolers.(Click to View Styles)

Be Prepared

Sunny summer afternoons are just too precious to ignore. Keep your necessities ready for those days. Hit the lake and stake out your spot with the folding beach chair that’s right for you.


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Adirondack Rocking Chairs

Outdoor Rocking Chairs

Rocking chairs are symbols of leisure time, quiet moments in front of the fire and summer nights on the front porch. It is these memories that make older rocking chairs the favorites of collectors; they have a certain Americana type of charm. Although most rockers  are not of an American design, some common styles of rockers, such as the Shaker and the Adirondack rocking chairs, are of American design.

Types of Outdoor Rocking Chairs

Adirondack Rocking ChairsRocking chairs for children provide a means for little ones to join the grownups or to share with their own friends. Virtually any type of rocking chair that you see in full size can be found for children. Many woodworkers, as well as children’s furniture manufacturers, build small-scale models of furniture for kids.

Upholstered rocking chairs are more complex than a traditional wooden rocker. Covered cushioning and springs are included in the construction, and the chair is set on metal gliders that can move back and forth in addition to rocking. Even more options in contemporary design are available in upholstered rocking chairs with rounded or straight backs, wood or fabric sides, and assorted materials to match any room.

Tubular steel framed rockers are strong, long-lasting, comfortable and easy to transport. Unlike an Adirondack or wrought-iron rocking lawn chair, a rocker made of tubular steel is lightweight, so it can be moved easily. These chairs normally have a canvas bottom and back, but most have woven seats made of plastic, leather or other materials.

Wrought-iron rocking chairs are created in many dissimilar styles and are good for rocking on a porch, deck or patio. While most have a rustic pattern, others are more refined. Wrought-iron rockers are frequently hand-formed, dipped in zinc phosphates and then painted so that they can withstand years of outdoors exposure. Cushions are commonly available for a custom fit in these chair.

Adirondack Rocking Chairs

Because outdoor Adirondack rocking chairs are exposed to the weather, they need to be made differently than indoor rockers. Teak and wicker are often used to build Adirondack rocking chairs, but almost any type of wood can be used, if it is then covered with an exterior paint (you can use any color you desire). Poly-resin is a type of plastic used nowadays for Adirondack rockers that are shaped out of one piece of plastic material.

The only thing better than sitting out on your lawn enjoying a beautiful, sunny day is the ability to rock while doing it. Instead of dragging out your heavy, antique rocking chair that your grandmother gave you, look for a comfortable lawn version of a rocking chair. Some of them can even be folded up and stored in the car or garage.


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Solar Lights FAQ’s- Safe & Easy Outdoor Lighting

Solar Lights FAQ’s

How do solar lights work and how do they store energy?  

Solar lighting is the safest and easiest type of outdoor lighting to install. Each light fixture has a solar collector panel that converts sunlight into electrical energy. This electrical energy is stored in highly efficient rechargeable batteries, that release the stored energy to light the fixture at night.

Solar lights

What are the differences between solar lights and incandescent or fluorescent lights?   

Solar lights are equipped with LED’s. LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes) are semiconductor devices that emit visible light when conducting current. This is why solar lamps give off a different type of light than incandescent or fluorescent lights.

It is a common mistake to compare the wattage of LED units and their incandescent and fluorescent counterparts – wattage indicates power consumption, not brightness.

The proper way to compare outdoor lighting is using lumens or candle feet, which measures the brightness of the light. A typical LED will give off the equivalent of a 2 watt bulb. However, an LED unit is more intense and provides a different angle of dispersion, while incandescent light glows in all directions.

Another advantage of using solar lights is that LED bulbs will never burn out during the lifetime of the product. Low voltage incandescent and fluorescent systems need bulb replacements often and add to the cost and inconvenience of the product.

Are solar lights as bright as regular lights?    

Solar lights are usually not as bright as other forms of outdoor landscape lighting. This means that instead of harsh, glaring light, you’ll have the benefit of softer, subtler accent lighting that makes your outdoors look attractive in the dark.

How long do solar lights stay on?    

Because their energy stored in the batteries is charged by the, the length of time that solar lights stay on is dependent on the amount of sunlight received during the day. Most solar lights will stay lit for up to 10 or more hours with fully charged batteries.

What sort of maintenance will I need to be concerned with?    

There is almost no maintenance required except for occasional cleaning of the panel surface to keep it free of dust and dirt, regular battery checks, and replacing the batteries when required.

Living on the lake, we have to clean spiders and insects out of our solar dock lights once per year, but it is a fairly simple job.

How often do these batteries need replacing?    

The batteries are designed to withstand a minimum of 1,000 deep discharges or at least 1,000 nights of light. They are readily available and easy to replace, rechargeable batteries.

How often will I need to replace the L.E.D. in my solar fixture?    

The LED’s themselves are not replaceable. However, their life expectancy typically exceeds 25 years, based on running 10 hours every night. Therefore, LED bulbs should never burn out during the lifetime of the product.

What advantages do solar lights offer?    

Solar lights need no wiring and are very easy to install. Because they run on the sun’s energy, they cost nothing to use. This means they are also environmentally friendly, and help conserve our rapidly depleting regular energy resources.


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