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Adirondack Chairs and furniture

Adirondack Furniture Buying Guide

Adirondack Furniture

adirondack furniture - adirondack chair azWhen decorating your lakeside living area, Adirondack furniture can be a great choice. Adirondack furniture is a versatile option – suitable for porch, patio, sun room or poolside.

Originating in the early 20th century in the resorts of New York’s Adirondack mountains, Adirondack chairs are relaxed, rusticly attractive and are perfect for relaxing by the lake. After being ‘discovered’ by visitors to the cabins and lodges found in the Adirondack Mountain region Adirondack chairs became wildly popular and have come to represent relaxation and rest in any environment. The Adirondack spirit soon showed itself in other pieces of Adirondack furniture as well.

There are many types of Adirondack furniture to choose from: Adirondack tables, Adirondack ottomans, Adirondack chairs and more. Each durable piece will provide years of comfortable enjoyment.


Adirondack Furniture Materials

Traditional Adirondack furniture is constructed of either cedar or pine, although some of the upscale manufacturers do build teak and cypress Adirondack furniture. Lately,  Adirondack furniture made from recycled plastic has become very popular because it is easy to maintain, looks like wood, and is extremely durable. Additionally, plastic Adirondack furniture is an environmentally conscious choice since a single Adirondack chair keeps about 500 recyclable milk jugs out of the landfill. Wooden Adirondack furniture can still be enjoyed in beautiful choices of teak, cedar, cypress and pine.

Adirondack furniture is available in a variety of types, including the following pieces.

Adirondack Chair

adirondack chair

Adirondack chairs are the oldest and best-known piece of Adirondack furniture. The Adirondack chair provides comfortable relaxation at many outdoor recreational areas across the country. They offer a comfortable seating angle, and feature wide arms to rest your plate, glass, or book.

Adirondack Table

adirondack table

Available in customary wood styles, as well as various hand painted styles, accent Adirondack tables complete an Adirondack furniture set. Adirondack tables also provide a secure and stylish location for your favorite novel and a cool drink.

Adirondack Footstool

adirondack footstool

Adirondack footstools can make your leisure time even more relaxing and enjoyable. Adirondack ottomans allow you to fully stretch out your legs and relax. With their handsome and matchless style Adirondack ottomans are also the perfect compliment to any wooden Adirondack chair .

Adirondack Rocker and Adirondack Glider

adirondack glider

Adirondack patio furniture featuring motion is perfect for sleepy afternoons. These attractive pieces will bring simple sophistication to any outdoor setting, and as a bonus…you can share it with someone special!

Adirondack furniture provides unlimited possibilities. Using Adirondack patio furniture lakeside, or on your porch or patio will enhance any lake lifestyle.

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Adirondack Rocking Chairs

Outdoor Rocking Chairs

Rocking chairs are symbols of leisure time, quiet moments in front of the fire and summer nights on the front porch. It is these memories that make older rocking chairs the favorites of collectors; they have a certain Americana type of charm. Although most rockers  are not of an American design, some common styles of rockers, such as the Shaker and the Adirondack rocking chairs, are of American design.

Types of Outdoor Rocking Chairs

Adirondack Rocking ChairsRocking chairs for children provide a means for little ones to join the grownups or to share with their own friends. Virtually any type of rocking chair that you see in full size can be found for children. Many woodworkers, as well as children’s furniture manufacturers, build small-scale models of furniture for kids.

Upholstered rocking chairs are more complex than a traditional wooden rocker. Covered cushioning and springs are included in the construction, and the chair is set on metal gliders that can move back and forth in addition to rocking. Even more options in contemporary design are available in upholstered rocking chairs with rounded or straight backs, wood or fabric sides, and assorted materials to match any room.

Tubular steel framed rockers are strong, long-lasting, comfortable and easy to transport. Unlike an Adirondack or wrought-iron rocking lawn chair, a rocker made of tubular steel is lightweight, so it can be moved easily. These chairs normally have a canvas bottom and back, but most have woven seats made of plastic, leather or other materials.

Wrought-iron rocking chairs are created in many dissimilar styles and are good for rocking on a porch, deck or patio. While most have a rustic pattern, others are more refined. Wrought-iron rockers are frequently hand-formed, dipped in zinc phosphates and then painted so that they can withstand years of outdoors exposure. Cushions are commonly available for a custom fit in these chair.

Adirondack Rocking Chairs

Because outdoor Adirondack rocking chairs are exposed to the weather, they need to be made differently than indoor rockers. Teak and wicker are often used to build Adirondack rocking chairs, but almost any type of wood can be used, if it is then covered with an exterior paint (you can use any color you desire). Poly-resin is a type of plastic used nowadays for Adirondack rockers that are shaped out of one piece of plastic material.

The only thing better than sitting out on your lawn enjoying a beautiful, sunny day is the ability to rock while doing it. Instead of dragging out your heavy, antique rocking chair that your grandmother gave you, look for a comfortable lawn version of a rocking chair. Some of them can even be folded up and stored in the car or garage.


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Recycled Plastic Adirondack Chairs

What are Recycled Plastic Adirondack Chairs?

Recycled Plastic Adirondack Chairs

Recycled plastic Adirondack chairs offer a great way to enjoy the comfort of Adirondack chairs while being gentle to the environment. These are the same shape and form as the Adirondack chairs that many of us know and love, plus they offer other advantages.

Companies making recycled plastic Adirondack chairs use recycled plastic from things like old milk containers and water bottles. The recycled plastic is mixed with the necessary agents, and decontaminated. At the end of the process, the manufacturer is left with a high-density polyethylene that can be used for almost anything because there are no limits to how the material can be shaped.

Recycled plastic Adirondack chairs can contain as much as 90% recycled plastic, and can be used for years before they need to be replaced. This makes recycled plastic Adirondack chairs very cost-effective.

Benefits of Recycled Plastic Adirondack Chairs

Adirondack chairs made from recycled plastic are an eco-friendly alternative to other types of outdoor furniture.

  • They offer the kind of relaxation that people are looking for, but are also an environmentally responsible choice. You won’t have to sacrifice environmental concern for comfort.
  • Recycled plastic Adirondack chairs are more durable than regular plastic chairs because they are made using a stronger plastic. This means they are better able to withstand the weather’s damaging effects. They are also resistant to mildew, and more durable than wood.
  • From a style standpoint, there is a color to fit practically any decorating idea, and there are several different styles to choose from. Despite being plastic some do look like wood, and are stylishly built. Typically they are also sold at very reasonable prices in most cases.
  • Recycled plastic Adirondack chairs are easy to move, giving you the ability to rearrange your outdoor entertainment areas without much hassle. Since they are stack-able and can be stored away, they also save space.
  • They don’t splinter, chip, rot, or show the signs of decay that regular wood does, which means water-proofing treatments, repainting, or other forms of maintenance are not necessary.
  • Children and pets can’t be harmed by chips or splinters while using recycled plastic Adirondack chairs because there are none.



Recycled Plastic Adirondack Chairs… A Balanced Choice

Whether you buy recycled plastic Adirondack chairs for practical reasons or the aesthetics, the fact remains that you are making a good investment.

Even if you are not that concerned about the environment, you can benefit from the advantages these chairs provide. Overall, recycled plastic Adirondack chairs offer convenience, style, affordability, durability… and most of all comfort.

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Wooden Adirondack Chairs: Comfortable and Stylish

Wooden Adirondack Chairs

Comfortable, Stylish And Build To Last

Adirondack chair

There are many different styles of chairs designed to be used outdoors; one of the most popular and best-known is the wooden Adirondack Chair.

Wooden Adirondack chairs have been used for years, because they are comfortable, stylish and built to last. These chairs are available in different styles. Some have rounded backs; others have a decorative flare to them.

Not only do these beautiful chairs come in many styles, but they are also available in different colors. Typically made from different types of wood, the newer poly wood chairs feature recycled plastic molded into the wood – giving the owner a protective covering from the elements. These  poly wood chairs are just as beautiful as the wooden Adirondack chairs, but also offer a choice of colors that are not usually available in the natural wooden chairs.

Custom Design?

Some people who have grown tired of the wooden look of their chairs, choose to paint their chairs. Though this takes away the natural look of the wood,  the owner can be creative with their chairs. Many people add cushions made for Adirondack chairs and match their paint color to the cushions to create a more customized look. Some are very creative and choose to paint designs on the back of one of their painted chairs. This adds character and personality to these chairs; in fact some are even sold with designs that range from tropical to desert cactus themes.

When it comes to decorating an Adirondack chair the possibilities are endless, though Adirondack chairs are still beautiful in their original natural wooden state. These chairs are commonly found on porches providing people with a comfortable place to sit and relax. It is truly a pleasant experience relaxing in one of these beautiful chairs.


Adirondack chairs can easily be found directly online and in home and garden centers across the world. Their popularity ensures an easy search for them whether online or off. Ordering Adirondack chairs online can often save money over buying them locally, and some of the online stores offer deep discounts on shipping. However you buy, you’ll anxiously await your first relaxing session sitting in your new wooden Adirondack chairs.

 Two Seat Wooden Adirondack Chairs w/ Ice Bucket

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Adirondack Chair Types

Adirondack Furniture

Adirondack chairs

Adirondack chairs with their simple, sturdy design will enhance your deck, patio or garden. Popular resort-style Adirondack furniture is always functional and fashionable,  yet  relaxed.

Various functions

The Adirondack design lives on and today you can find a huge selection of this style of furniture, loveseats, chaise lounges, children’s furniture and more. Adirondack furniture is the stylish foundation for patios, porches, and cabins, as well as bed and breakfast inns, resorts and retreats.

Adirondack Chair Types

Wood types

Wooden Adirondack chairs come in cypress, pine, mahogany, cedar and other types of wood. Choosing your Adirondack chair is often simply a matter of determining  the type of wood you prefer. Traditionally cedar or pine were used for construction. Cedar being more durable and resistant to the elements, but pine offering a less expensive, though less durable alternative.

Resin Adirondack ChairsSynthetic Chairs

Recently, an increasingly popular addition to Adirondack furniture design is the plastic chair. These chairs are made from incredibly strong and solid recycled plastic polymers. They do not rust, warp, crack or rot, and often the material looks like real wood. Impenetrable to bugs and moisture, recycled plastic Adirondack furniture will not become weakened or moldy, even after many years of use. UV (ultraviolet light) resistant colors include dark teak, white, sandy beige and hunter green.

Enduring Popularity

Adirondack, or Muskoka chairs, are recognized the world over for their comfort and strength. They are mainstays in outdoor furniture and have endured the passing years to become  timeless favorites.

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Adirondack Chairs

Origins of the Adirondack Chair


Adirondack chairs, also known as Muskoka chairs; are a type of chair favored in rural, outdoor settings. They were developed in 1903 by Thomas Lee who needed outdoor chairs at his summer home in Westport, New York. The name Muskoka was adopted from the municipality of Muskoka, Ontario, a cottage country area north of Toronto.

Adirondack chair

Originally, the Adirondack chair was made with eleven pieces of wood cut from a single board. It had a straight back and seat, which were set at a slant for better sitting on the steep mountain inclines of the area. It also featured wide armrests, which are the hallmark of the Adirondack chair.

After his final design of the “Westport plank chair,” Lee offered it to Harry Bunnell, a carpenter friend in Westport. Bunnell quickly realized the chair was the perfect item to sell to Westport’s summer residents, and apparently without asking Lee’s permission, he filed for and received patent #794,777 in 1905. Bunnell manufactured his plank chairs for the next twenty years. His “Westport chairs” were all signed and made of hemlock in green or medium dark brown. The modern name refers to the Adirondack Mountains near Westport.

Modern Day Adirondack Chairs

Today’s Adirondack chairs usually feature a rounded back and contoured seat. The style has also been translated to other pieces of furniture, from gliders to love seats. Some modern Adirondack chairs are made out of plastic lumber or engineered wood instead of wood. They are commonly made as school projects around the world.

Recently Adirondack chairs have become popular as outdoor seating at cafés because food and beverages can be set on the flat armrests, making it possible to provide individual seating without tables.

In the southern U.S. “Adirondacking” is a term used to describe public picnics at which people sit primarily in Adirondack chairs. It is also used to describe the use of public Adirondack chair displays outside home-improvement and grocery stores as a leisure break while shopping.

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