Solar Dock Lights: Keeping Your Dock Safe At Night

Solar Dock Lights

Solar Dock Lights - attractive and safe

As alternative energy sources continue to increase in popularity, companies continue to expand the applications for these alternatives. Self-contained solar panel lights are now being used on docks.

These solar dock lights are inexpensive, attractive and add to the safety of your dock.


Dock Lights

Safety is the most important consideration when boating. This is especially true at night, when the simple act of docking your boat can be tricky. Whether your boat is large or small, motorized or human-powered, you need to light your way to your dock. Solar dock lights are a great way to light your way back.

solar dock lightsDock lights need electricity to power them, usually either alternating current (from an outlet) or direct current (from a battery). Both options are fine, but batteries can be annoying to constantly replace and expensive to buy. Hooking into an outlet may be a better choice, but you’ll need to pay a high electric bill, and deal with wiring to the site.

Solar dock lights are superior to these other choices, since they are safer and cheaper to use.

How Solar Dock Lights Work

solar dock lightsSolar dock lights collect solar energy during the day in small solar panels, usually positioned on the top of the dock light. This energy charges a battery located inside the dock light (usually this is a standard NiCad rechargeable battery). The recharged battery then powers an LED light. LED’s are small lights that are very bright, but use a minimal amount of energy to run. Therefore, the energy collected during the daylight is enough to power the dock light through the night. Some dock lights automatically turn on when the sun sets – automating the process and making them even safer.

Some solar dock lights use different color LED’s inside the lamp. With these you can use different colors – red and green to mark the left and right of your dock. You can also use the dock lights to line the path to your dock in bright white light. These dock lights are made to fit all standard docks and posts, so you can be sure they’ll fit on your own dock.

How solar dock lights workRemember,  safety is the key to boating fun. Knowing that these solar dock lights are working for you after sunset is a great comfort. Knowing that they are  inexpensive to buy and run is an added bonus. To check out a variety of solar dock lights at Solar Dock Lights (Click Here).


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