The Dock Manual by Max Burns (a Book Review)

Review of The Dock Manual: Designing/Building/Maintaining  (Max Burns- author)
The Dock Manual by Max Burns

If you’re lucky enough to own a piece of waterfront, you know that a dock will help realize the greatest value and enjoyment of your property. Now you can build your own dock, or repair an existing dock with this complete and easy-to-use guide.

The Dock Manual explains how to take advantage of your shoreline, while minimizing the impact upon the existing surroundings. It offers a thorough introduction to the basics of dock design and construction, and tells you everything you need to know about designing, building and maintaining a small residential dock.

The Dock Manual has ten complete plans for stationary and floating docks, along with details of the different applications for each type of dock. Each plan is complete with material and tool lists, and  illustrated construction techniques. You’ll also find step-by-step instructions for analyzing your shoreline and choosing the right dock for your needs.

The Dock Manual

You’ll refer to The Dock Manual throughout the year for expert advice to help you:

  • Build angle, roller, and stair ramps
  • Paint, stain, and treat your dock
  • Make repairs and upgrades
  • Deter and repair decay to wood and plastic
  • Incorporate design options like trims and colors
  • Winterize your dock

This is a very good book for the beginning or intermediate do-it-yourself dock builder. It offers common sense practical advice on materials, types of docks and the different applications of each type. The Dock Manual provides good general-purpose advice and light instruction for anyone wanting to build a simple dock.


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